Salmon producers are embracing blockchain tracking: Can increase sales by up to 1.3 billion

Tracking tools from Atea based on blockchain technology from IBM will ensure that you can track the fish’s life from egg to the dinner table, including data like what it has eaten, where it has grown up and how environmentally friendly the production is. >

The industry organisation the Norwegian Seafood Association has signed a letter of intent with Atea for the use of blockchain technology from IBM.

Six seafood companies are already testing the technology. Kvarøy Fish Farming has done extensive testing, and is scheduled to send out the first delivery with the new tracking technology this week.

– We see that our customers demand better documentation, so we have long been working on solutions to provide greater security. The block chain technology makes it possible to track salmon all the way from egg to customer, says Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett’s general manager Alf-Gøran Knutsen to E24.

– There is no doubt that the corona situation has accelerated these things, he adds.

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