Safe food – from fjord to table

Norwegian Seafood Trust and the technology companies Atea and IBM, offer a tracking service that tracks the entire value chain of the fish, from the moment the egg hatches until the fish enters the cage, is slaughtered, transported, processed and sold.

Genetics and eggs

From genetic history to numbers of
eggs and egg hatching.


From smolts to fish farms,
vaccination, lice treatment,
slaughter and packing.


Location to location, transportation means
and temperature.



Details, packaging and location.


Location to location, distributor
and temperature.


Date for arrival in stores and sale

Transparency about the food's origin, content and quality

Safety at all levels

The food tracking tool IBM Food Trust is a secure tracking hub that facilitates the aggregation of all relevant data, certificates, documents, and the like. Information and data are stored in blockchains that cannot be changed or tampered with, and the data is only available to approved members in the network.

The members own the information

The manufacturers in the tracking chain decide what information is located in the chain and they own their own data . A member of a block can provide data to multiple members of other blocks.

Food safety

Data sharing provides increased transparency, value and knowledge for all members in the tracking network. This information is then shared to the consumer who get information about which fjord the fish is from, when it was fished, medication, what it has eaten and its entire journey from fjord to table.

Why we collaborate

Food fraud is a global problem that costs over $ 40 billion a year.

These areas are subject to tampering:

  • Origin
  • Content
  • Brand
  • Sustainability

Watch the video and learn how Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett uses blockchain.


The collaboration between IBM, NST and Atea will give Norwegian seafood producers an advantage in the market.

  • Added value of Norwegian products and services.
  • Create consumer confidence in a competitive market.

Watch the video about what IBM AND ATEA have to say about the solution.