She explains to fish farmers what they can gain from big data and tracking technologies

Photo: Petter Krogdahl / Atea

Starting to work for the Norwegian Seafood Association’s new initiative

Myran changes side and will be working as marketing manager, starting 1 December, for the Norewgian Seafood Association, Atea and IBM’s new initiative Norwegian Seafood Trust.

– It’s really because I want to learn even more about the industry, which I find very interesting.

What are you going to do for the Norwegian Seafood Trust?

– The Norwegian Seafood Trust is first and foremost a collaboration between the Norwegian Seafood Association, IBM and Atea. IBM makes the technology that track the fish through the value chain, Atea will sell the technology. The Norwegian Seafood Association and the Norwegian Seafood Trust are going to communicate the benefits of the tracking system to their member companies in a clear and concise manner, says Myran.

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